Volume II  

Volume II of From The Workroom is a document of daily sneezes. Here
the artists have attempted to capture an uncontrollable moment;
translating the volatile into an obsessively managed record. Between 
2016 and 2017 the artists collected these images by sneezing directly onto
acrylic. The plates were then contact printed onto 8 x 10”
gelatin silver paper, each resulting in a unique image. The fifty-one prints are
exhibited mounted on strainers without glazing, or as a full set within a portfolio. 

All prints are organized by date and
time, as chronicled by the artists. In some cases, due to the hectic pace
of the workplace, it was impossible to note precise details,
though every best attempt was made to do so.

The portfolio is the complete record of the activity. Lining the
edges of the box are hundreds of accession numbers, each representing
a work of art from the museum collection, emphasizing the volume of
art that the artists handle. These numbers play a role in other phases
of From the Workroom and represent artworks that
were selected for their significance as they pertain to both work
projects and personal interests


11.1.16 10-00 1_cropped
11.2.16  10-38_cropped.
11.1.16 4-15_cropped
11.2.16 10-16 1_cropped
11.2.16  12-55_cropped.
11.2.16 9-10_cropped
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