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Dana Bell and Tasha Lutek met in the Photography Workroom in May of 2013 when Dana started to fill in for the department preparator who was taking leave. Shortly after arriving to the workroom, Dana was hired permanently as the photography preparator and Tasha was promoted from cataloguer to collection specialist. Working closely together in an office setting, their artistic collaboration was a natural progression. Their first project together, #fromtheworkroom, was a response to the the 2016 Presidential election, in which the artists utilized works from the photography collection that thematically depicted a history of protests in the United States. The photographic history of these events being readily available to the artists proved to be a useful tool in distributing these symbolic images, and joining protest movements across the world during a troubling time.

Dana Bell is an artist based in New York City with a wide-reaching
studio practice. Working in a variety of disciplines, she is presently
focused on sculpture and choreography. Stemming from research in labor histories, she examines and interrogates an object’s functioning as it results from being placed into production. She is currently working on a series of inflatable paintings. She earned her MFA from Maine College of Art in 2004.

Tasha Lutek is an artist based in New York City working primarily with photography. Her current project looks at themes of mental health and how it impacts family dynamics. Her platform exists partly on social media via her Instagram account @peggyguggenheim. She earned her MA in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from Ryerson University with George Eastman Museum.

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